Why zebra striped

Zebra belongs to the order Perissodactyla. This exotic animal lives in Africa. The growth of the zebra is 1.3 meters at the shoulder. Zebras live in families. Families gather in herds of up to 100 thousand heads.

There are 3 types of zebras, which are different from each other drawing features.

Equus grevyi have a white belly and narrow dark stripes. Equus zebra have thicker bands. Equus quagga wide stripes on the belly and start going back, going back on his feet.

Why zebra striped

Previously, there was another kind of zebra - Quagga. Quagga had stripes only on the head, neck and chest. Behind them was an even brown color. By the early 20th century Quagga was completely wiped out by poachers.

Colour zebra is protective in nature, misleading predators that prey on the zebra crossing. Black and white stripes break, break the smooth contours of the animal's body, conceal the figure of a zebra. When a zebra is running, the band creates an even greater illusion. Therefore the predator did not immediately realize that there is a potential food in front of him.

Zoologists believe that the zebras were ancestors of dark color, so it is believed that zebra - a black animal with white stripes. Because of the random variability of some foals are born with lighter stripes on a dark background. Since the band were protective coloration, the striped animals have an advantage: they are more likely to survive, their offspring (too striatum) were more numerous. As generations change appear more and more striped animal. Over time there have been different kinds of animal, which we call a zebra.