Interplater hd85 thermal pdf. Thermal analysis and design enae d principles of space systems design u n i v e r s i t y o f maryland nonideal radiative. Service Manual + 68/85 Plate Processor InterPlater 85/ HD Polymer Service manual Plate Processor+ 68/85 .. Cleaning of developer heating element. Thermal Plate Processor Raptor 85/ Interplater HD 85 G&J used/refurbished. Glunz Jensen Interplater Plate Processor Model Perfect Condition.

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In addition the service technicians will need the manuals listed opposite as “User Manuals”.

InterPlater 85/ HD Service Manual |

Please refer to thwrmal Software Manual “Control Panel Service Guide” for detailed information of the procedures listed in the following. If however any extra features like level sensors for replenish containers etc.

The exit interplaher is mounted from the factory and prepared for slanted position A. This is done when installation of the processor has been completed. When the machine is started up for the first time after have stayed off for more than 72 hours the alarm appears: When mounting upper roller insert the roller key between the upper roller and the lower roller as shown 3.

For CTP Online processors the height and input height may have been changed in order to fit the setter height and thus not as illustrated. The roller 5 makes sure of proper contact between brush and plate.

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InterPlater 85/ HD Thermal | Glunz & Jensen

X3,A to F10,1 Yellow: The diagrams 4 pages cover: Configuration and settings Additional configuration might be necessary to suit the individual customer needs. If straight position B is wanted please follow the description for B. Delivered with the processor is a tjermal for installation of brush rollers.

The gum section contains one roller pair 18 and a smaller roller 19 situated close to the upper interlpater. Noise emission Acoustical noise according to ISO Level sensor in wash dirty or defective. The first roller pair 2 in the pre-wash section leads the plate underneath the brush 3 optional and the spray tubes 4 wash the plate on both sides.

InterPlater 85/135 HD Thermal

Standard installation hours for on-line machine: Lead the cable as shown below. The processor measures the plate size to determine the correct amount of replenisher for each plate. If the processor is equipped with a wash water recirculation system the wash section will fill up automatically when the processor is switched into stand-by mode. Lead the supports through the holes in the rear panel 3b and secure them inside using the enclosed locking split pins 3c.

The filter s are placed underneath the processor in the right side and mounted in a drawer unit for easy access. When changing a fuse, first switch off all power to the machine.


The high thermal conductivity of cequin papers helps achieve the heat dissipation required in todays high efficiency electrical appara tus allowing the design of smaller, more cost effective equipment. Note the position of the outlet nozzle 5. Mount the exit table.

Select NO otherwise the system will start replenishing based on how many hours the inetrplater has been switch off since the machine has been packed. Occasionally, depending on the local water quality, it may be necessary to use a drill bit to clean the holes and remove sediments mechanically. See illustration on the following page.

See power outlet and fusing requirements later in this manual. Cleaning facilities It is essential to have easy access to a sink and a water tap with hot water where rollers, guides, and brushes can be washed.

Before operating the processor you may need to perform a rewiring to match your local supply voltage. Customer training hours How many working hours are planned for training the customer?

Please note that processor without rollers, brushes, and heat sink model 68 weights app.