21 Dec They also say investigating Oromo society without considering the Gadaa System is merely like a man walking without a skeleton. In fact, many. Moral values in the Oromo Gada system: an ethno-philosopical reflection. 9 Apr Definition. The Gadaa system is an indigenous egalitarian democratic system practiced among the Oromo nation of East Africa for the last six.

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Unique Features of Oromo Gada Governance System | Endale Alemu –

The future political leaders of the Oromo are elected at this stage. They are also fair in recruitment. In other words, until a “consensus” is reached the deliberation continues. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Oromo political institutions and social fabrics have suffered a lot oormo the Abyssinian cultural and political domination for the last hundred and fifty years.

Its functions include but are not limited to reviewing laws at work, proclaiming new laws, impeaching the men in power, and settling major disputes that could not have been resolved at the lower levels of its judicial organ s. Discourses around the origin of democracy contain a clear binary separation between “us” and “them” which over-simplifies the complex historical evolution of political systems. Time – among the Guji-Oromo the general assembly takes place once in every eight years and mostly for a week, just a week before power transfer.

The major activity of the Gada Assembly can be described as legislative. Hajj and Ethiopia Ethiopia: Preserving Heritages Is Preserving Identity.

Ethiopia: Key Background Information On Gadaa System

Hence happy with the ensued pleasant season young males and females sing the following song. Govt Moves to ‘Rehabilitate’ Systej Protesters. Every citizen has the right to speak and be heard in the Assembly of multitudes. But the leaders of the class become the leader of the nation as a whole when their class wystem to power in the middle of the life course, a stage life called “Gadaa” among the Borana and “Luba” among syystem central Oromo.


Discussion, Dialogue, or Deliberation. Views Read Edit View history. Literary Abbaa Muudaa means father or owner of muudaa ceremony. The main duty of this class is military service. The late Donald Levine has said [4] that Gadaa is “one of the most complex systems of social organization ever devised by the human imagination”.

Participants of Gada Assembly are Gada leaders, junior councilors, assistant officials in the administration, Yuba semi-retired Gada leadersmany age sets councilors and a large number of clan elders.

Sysrem Grand Dam Back on Track. In the case of gaea former, it is very crucial, to attract the attention of the participants since it also marks power transfer and in the case of the latter it is important since it checks the responsibility of the leaders in power.

Males are essential for the fertility of female: Most of the time possessor of ‘Kallachaa’ can possess Bokkuu the sign of political power. Finally, upon completion of the series of deliberations he asks: There are also abundant ethnographic and historic evidences indicating that the Oromo had an effective military organization, not only in the sixteenth century but also in the subsequent centuries until the conquest of Emperor Menilik of Abyssinia in the late 19 th?

In the meetings that take place every eight years to re-examine the existing laws, the seniors reiterate them in public and legislate new laws, demonstrate and share knowledge about the operation of the Gada System.

Gada system, an indigenous democratic socio-political system of the Oromo

Gada, a puzzle or a Maze? To address comments or complaints, please Contact us. Later he used Oromo warriors and military strategy to take the imperial throne.? In fact by African standard the Oromo had effective military organization headed by military officer titled as Abba Dula War chief. People compute the duration of time between two events and handle climate caused unfolding accordingly.


He is president of the Gada Council established recently at Bishoftu to promote the Gada System, realize good governance and ensure peace and stability of the Oromo people. Even the Abba Gada, head of the Gada executive branch, if accused of violating laws and regulations, could be impeached, tried and uprooted buqisu from office before official tenure and replaced by one of the members of his class. World Turns ‘Blind Eye’ to 1. That is forty years long. Who are the bearers and practitioners of the Gada system?

According to the meaning given by scholars, the Gada System was associated with the development of systfm and political culture of the Oromo. In this dancing, those who accomplish heroic deeds including the Gada officials are praised.

Briefing: What is Oromo’s Gada system? | Horn Affairs

The Oromo People and Oromia — brief. In the Gada System, marriage ceremonies constitute a rite of passage from Kusa to Raba Dori grade for most of the members of the class. The basic rule of the Gada system is that the newly born infant child always enters the system of grades exactly forty years after his father, regardless of the age of the son or the father.

The calendar had twelve months. Retrieved from ” https: The sixth grade is called the Gada grade. The entire class progresses through eleven different grades, each based on an eight-year cycle, and each with its own set of rights and responsibilities.